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The Click-n-Sip Travel Mug

by Cuisipro USA

The Click-n-Sip is a Commuter’s Must-Have Travel Mug

New Castle, DE – March 2009 – For long or short trips, drive time has been made much less frustrating with the new Cuisipro Click-n-Sip. The 13oz. Click-n-Sip travel mug is designed for sipping or drinking rather then spilling.

The magic is in the spill proof lid. The lid is easy to open and close and doesn’t require a driver to take his or her eyes off the road. The simple, one-handed push button that opens and closes the lid is located in the center of the lid so it easy to find without looking at it.

Even better is how easy it is to drink from this mug. It doesn’t matter how or where one picks up the mug, the drinking hole is always in position. A coffee drinker doesn’t have to align the drinking hole with his or her mouth before taking a sip because he or she can sip from anywhere around the lid. The 360-degree drinking hole feature is convenient, prevents spills and distractions. This same feature allows the mug to be refilled without taking the lid off. If the open and close button is pushed to open, coffee or other beverage can be poured into the top. Just tilt mug. This Click-n-Sip travel mug fits into most car cup holders and the lid disassembles for cleaning. The mug and lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher top shelf. The travel mug is backed by a 25-year warranty.