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Great Gear 09

Sinus Rescue®

by Peaceful Mountain

All natural, ionic silver nasal spray
Sinus Rescue coats the nasal passages with a solution of uncompounded ionic silver and distilled water. This results in an even reduction of the bacteria causing the infection, allowing the body’s own defense system to re-establish control in the region. Sinus Rescue can terminate a blooming infection, typically within 48-72 hours of use. This approach to sinus infection management yields a highly effective alternative to conventional antibiotic therapy. It is a safe, long-term means for controlling sinus infections and chronic sinusitis. Sinus Rescue does not encourage antibiotic resistance and thus remains effective year after year.

Normal mucosal flow flushes the anti-microbial silver agent away from the site of the infection. It is crucial to replenish the supply of active agent frequently (approx every 15-30 minutes) to maintain an effective germ-killing concentration. Begin using Sinus Rescue at the first sign of illness. It can also be used preventatively whenever exposed to bacteria or illness.