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The Raptor Sano by Mephisto

by Mephisto

SANO by MEPHISTO offers a truly new lifestyle experience; one that targets
body and soul.

The secret is the technology inside the soles. This 2 Zone technology
consists of:
* The IPS (Integrated Power Stimulator) shock absorber which returns
the energy generated through walking; compressing and releasing it to
propel the foot forward during its natural walking movement.
* The Multi-Vibration system, positioned in the forefoot of the sole,
naturally provokes a micro level of instability that stimulates muscles
seldom used during a "normal" stride.

The result is a unique walking experience that improves physical condition
by promoting better posture, toning and tightening long ignored muscles,
activating blood circulation and soothing the joints, vertebrae and spinal

To learn more about SANO technology, review the entire collection and find
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