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The RÖSLE Pineapple Cutter

by Rosle

The RÖSLE Pineapple Cutter makes cutting pineapple slices easy and mess free. The tool produces two results: beautiful, symmetrical pineapples slices for summer cocktails and summer grilling as well as desserts or fruit and cheese platters and it also leaves a festive, intact pineapple shell ready to be used as a serving bowl for fruit or salads. If there is any specialty tool that makes food preparation easier, this is it.
The RÖSLE Pineapple Cutter requires less skill and effort to do the job of cutting pineapple slices then using knives or using other pineapple cutters. The bottom rim of the heavy-duty shaft is very sharp and slides through a pineapple removing the core while the solid stainless steel blade slices through the flesh of the pineapple with each twist. The open ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to grasp and twist the tool into a pineapple and to then extract the tool removing a stack of perfect fruit rings. This takes very little elbow grease as the tool moves smoothly coring and slicing as it goes. The stainless steel Rosle Pineapple Cutter is dishwasher safe and is backed by a lifetime warranty.