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Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga~ with Jennifer Wolfe

by Dolphin Yoga

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga was created for women who have practiced Vinyasa (flow style) yoga before they became pregnant and wished to continue this style during their pregnancy. This DVD was created to be challenging while giving women different modifications for each stage of their pregnancy. It focuses on breath and body awareness to safely achieve a vigorous practice. Jennifer wanted to focus on real world yoga practice in a true life yoga setting. It gives viewers a realistic expectation of what to expect when practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home. Jennifer Wolfe created this DVD for her students who were unable to find a challenging yoga practice while pregnant and it has become so popular, it is now the # 2 selling prenatal yoga DVD on Amazon.com

Shape You's Review:

It was easy to see why this video is so popular on Amazon.com.