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Top Gear 09

ColdOne® Shoulder Wrap

by Two Cool, Inc.

For the effective treatment of torn rotator cuffs, shoulder tendonitis, bursitis, tendon injuries, and shoulder impingements apply the ColdOne® Shoulder Wrap to the swollen areas for proper shoulder healing and support. The wrap does not immobilize shoulder movement but aids in gentle motion to maintain mobility while covering the front of the rib cage, the upper chest, shoulder, upper back, and around the upper bicep. Endorsed by the National Pitching Association of America, the wrap can be used to treat athletes who participate in baseball, softball, tennis, football, volleyball, swimming or any other activity that puts repeated stress on the shoulder muscles and joints through repetitive overhead activity involving the shoulder rotator cuff. Size: Medium (90-140 lbs), Large (140-210 lbs), X-Large (210-350 lbs). MSRP $90.00.