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One Naturally Good Energy Bar: Fruit & Nut

by Bear Naked

Bear Naked™ 100% Pure & Natural Grain-ola ™ bars: Bear Naked’s 100% Pure & Natural Grain-ola ™ bars deliver a richly-indulgent snacking experience for consumers who are on-the-go.  The bars feature unique combinations of the company’s signature all-natural granola with visible, real whole fruits, hearty nuts and seeds.  Flavors include: Chocolaty Cherry (featuring rich chocolate, cherries, pecans and almonds),Tropical (featuring exotic fruits including mango, papaya, pineapple and coconut) and Fruit and Nut (replicates the popular Bear Naked All-Natural Granola flavor with a blend of raisins, cranberries and hearty pecans and almonds). www.bearnaked.com