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Toddler Health ™

by Simply Toddler LLC

Toddler Health ™ has taken a major step toward its mission of providing the right tools for parents eager to raise Healthy and Fit Kids™ in an age of picky eaters, food allergies and growing child obesity concerns.
This very tasty rice-based product that toddlers love is free of gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar and is filled with record amounts of brain building Omega 3’s, calcium, antioxidants and fruit and vegetable extracts that help support a child’s immune system and provide a solid foundation for a healthy growing body.
Available at select Whole Foods, select Wild Oats & Henry’s Markets, HEB Grocery Chain Texas, drugstore.com, Vitamin Shoppe, and other fineindependent health food stores. Visit today to introduce your toddler to a whole new level of delicious nutrition.