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Great Gear 09

Half Naked Popcorn

by Good Health Natural Products

Half Naked Popcorn - 10 of each will be enclosed
Product Info: We use only baby tender white corn, the plumpest and most tender popping corn ever raised on the farm. Then we lovingly air-pop these premium kernels into scrumptious fluffy morsels of gourmet goodness. And, for the all-important final touch, performed in complete privacy, we lightly dress them in non-hydrogenated oil. The result is the most irresistibly delicious popped corn you’ve ever munched during a movie, ball game or late-night snack attack, with 70% less fat than other popcorn.
Product Features - Half Naked Popcorn
• Premium popcorn made with baby tender white corn
• Only 120 Calories and 3g of fat per serving
• 70% less fat than other popcorn
• Lightly seasoned with a hint of olive oil
• Good source of fiber.