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Stomach Rescue

by Peaceful Mountain

Stomach Rescue®
All natural supplement for calming an upset stomach
Most food poisoning is caused by concentrations of bacteria and transported by infected food or water. In the US annually, there are over 70 million cases of food poisoning! Food poisoning is an acute gastrointestinal disorder caused by bacteria or their toxic byproducts. Stomach Rescue has been laboratory tested against the four primary sources of food poisoning: Staph. A., Salmonella, Lysteria and E. Coli. Stomach Rescue also alleviates the discomfort of indigestion and upset stomach.
Ingredients: Purified water, ionic silver > 40 ppm and peppermint oil.
UPC 8-18692-00600-8 | 4 oz. | MSRP $11.95