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Rasberry Rooibos

by The TeaRoom

The Tea Room is a homegrown chocolate company based out of Napa, CA. They specialize in organic chocolate bars that are infused with a wide variety of organic teas from all over the world.

The Tea Room's line of organic tea-infused chocolate bars is composed of 8 flavor varieties, with each bar containing up to a full cup of tea. No artificial flavoring or additives are used in achieving the unmatched flavors created through The Tea Room tea-infusing techniques.

From white chocolate infused with chamomile tea & honey, to milk chocolate with jasmine tea & tangerine, to extra dark chocolate with yerba mate tea & cacao nibs, and onto their recent Silver sofi award winning dark chocolate green earl grey bar; The Tea Room's selection of chocolate bars has a combination of tea & chocolate for all palates!