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Dead Sea Salt and Honey body Polish

by Morris Organics

Can a scrub do more than just exfoliate? 
If it's Avocate®, it will.
Avocate® Dead Sea Salt & Honey Body Polish $17.50
Pamper your skin with natural honey, collagen-rebuilding avocado oil & anti-aging Dead Sea salt...and nothing else!  No fillers, binding agents or perfumes, only 100% pure ingredients. 
Polish away dull skin and re-awaken its lost healthy glow with our most popular product!  
*100% natural
*Active with skin-brightening avocado oil and skin nourishing honey 
*Skin smoothing and moisturizing 
*Packed with naturally occuing anti-aging vitamins, minerals & antioxidants  
*No added colors, fragrance, fillers, or preservatives
ingredients: avocado oil, Dead Sea Salt, honey
What people are saying:
*"...my skin has been smoother than ever and actually I’ve seen fewer blemishes….” Smartiepanties.com
*"My mother in law, who has extremely dry skin it as much as she loves getting a chance to win the Publisher’s Clearing House Lottery!"  Butterflydiaries.com