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Top Gear 09

Awakening HANDS

by Awakening Skin Care

Awakening HANDS is a fusion of concentrated magnesium (a topical anti-allergen) and potassium (a hydrator), with myrrh (an antiseptic) and a blend of cinnamon and ginger (both astringents). The product was created as a skin care product for people who hate skin care products, but whose hands need help. One pearl-size drop treats both hands and absorbs to a silky, non-greasy texture within 40 seconds. The aroma is Non-FruFruTM (a technical term) and does not offend male or female sensibilities. Paraben-free. Cruelty-free. Won’t mar leather, fabric or paper.
HANDS’ packaging is convenient, TSA-approved, easy to open and nearly impossible to compromise accidentally. Its size is handy for pocket, purse or gear bag.