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Top Gear 09

Ultimo Dark

by Vere

vere is pleased to introduce their line of Organic Products. We have
partnered with our friends in Ecuador to bring you our new line of
USDA and Ecocert Certified 100% Organic Dark Chocolate Bars,
handmade at the source in Ecuador.

Made from single origin organic Arriba cacao beans and organic raw
cane sugar grown by members of the Maquita Cushunchic Foundation *
(which promotes fair and equitable trade), our bars have a rich,
delicious flavor as well as superior levels of antioxidants and
polyphenols. All vere products are gluten free.

Our bars are flavored with other native ingredients, and celebrate the
bounty of Ecuador, one of the 20 most bio-diverse countries on the
planet. By producing these bars in Ecuador we generate more
commerce for the local economy, rather than exporting their valuable
resources at their lowest possible price.