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Seal 10


by DeFeet

Test results are in and the feedback has been consistent.  The consensus is the NEW D-Evo® run sock will take the market by storm. DeFeet started with a totally clean slate while engineering the D-Evo®. The left/right specific fit, sculpted cushion, seamless feel and generous midfoot support give the D-Evo® an amazing feel inside running shoes. Another reason to feel good is D-Evo® is made with CoolMax® EcoMade™, the fiber comprised of used, recycled plastic bottles. Try a pair and discover the evolution of the running sock. Available Fall 2010.

Whenever there are healthy rewards to be had,  standout performers emerge. This über classement prides itself on delivering more than anyone else. For runners who carry this desire, DeFeet elevated the entire running sock market with the D-Evo™. Calling out features like no seams, left/right specific fit, and sculpted terry padding in the heel, toe, and achilles doesn't do D-Evo justice. Slipping this sock over your feet and running away is the only action that does the D-Evo right. Some things just need to be experienced. Bottom line, this is the most evolved running sock DeFeet has built. Wearing great shoes is not the way to put wings on your feet. Putting on the D-Evo, and then great shoes, is.