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Eggland's Best Eggs

by Eggland's Best

Eggland's Best are delicious, all-natural eggs that are high in Vitamin E, contain 3 times more Omega 3, 25% less Saturated Fat, and 19% less cholesterol vs.regular eggs.As of January 2010 Eggland’s Best nutritional profile has been improved providing even   
    better nutrition compared to ordinary eggs, EBs deliver even higher levels of important nutrients like vitamins A,B2,B12 and 
    4times more Vitamin D than ordinary eggs. All this, combined with their delicious, farm-fresh taste, is why 
    Eggland’s Best continues to stand for the very best in quality and value for your family. Look for the stamped  EB   on our
    shells. It’s your assurance that they meet our high standards of taste, nutrition, and quality.