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Pizza Stone

by Emile Henry

The new Emile Henry Pizza Stone is designed to make brick-oven style pizzas in home ovens and on backyard grills. Made in France of Flame-Top technology, this 14inch ceramic round stone absorbs moisture from the pizza dough while distributing heat evenly throughout the pie. The result is evenly cooked pizza dough that doesn't burn on the bottom before the toppings have cooked. Unlike other pizza stones, this one is glazed so that it is easy to clean leaving no food, stain or odors.

The Emile Henry Pizza Stone heats up quickly and cleans up easily changing the process of making homemade pizza from a time-consuming event to a fast meal. This stone, due to its flame-top characteristics, heats up in about 15 minutes. Most substantial pizza stones take much longer, some nearly an hour.

This stone is light-weight and features large handles making it easier to lift and manage unlike other pizza stones which are hard to maneuver on a grill and are even awkward in an oven. Some stones are so cumbersome that they need to be left in the oven all the time taking up precious oven space. Cooks, using potholders, can lift the stone by the handles and carry it to a trivet or counter for cutting and serving. Cooks can cut right on the stone or they can slide the pizza off onto a cutting board. The stone is naturally non-stick so a pizza slides right off.

The stone doubles as an appetizer or cheese tray that can go from refrigerator or oven to the table. The Flame-Top Pizza Stone, made of a proprietary flameproof ceramic, is the first Pizza Stone of its kind available on the market today. The Pizza Stone retails for $50 in black, figue and olive colors. Available in red at Surlatable.com.

The Emile Henry Pizza Stone is made from all natural materials and is dishwasher safe. It carries a two-year warranty. Emile Henry is located in the Burgundy town of Marcigny.