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The NutriWare™ Whole Food Blender™

by NutriWare™

The NutriWare™ Whole Food Blender™ simplifies whole food nutrition- efficiently pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables (seeds, stems and skin included) into smooth juices and smoothies with the nutrition nature intended. Its breakthrough stainless steel Hexablade™ system, featuring three pairs of blades, is specifically shaped to turn the toughest ingredients into smooth, nutritious beverages. It also features a fully automatic 60-second Pulse & Pulverize cycle that pulses and grinds in pre-set intervals for optimum results. Afterwards, cleanup goes by in a whirl with the convenient self-cleaning feature.

Shape You's Review:

Great features and we especially love the spout that lets you pour your shake right into your glass like you have your own slurpee machine.