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Insta-Pulse - unique patented heart rate monitor


The best indicator of minute changes in the human body is a heart rate, but very few of us now the pattern of the heart, since the instant heart rate monitors were not available in the past. The books on exercise physiology did not include the references to how the heart could react to an exercise, physical and emotional stress and environment.
Insta-Pulse was the first contact heart rate monitor on the market, but it had some limitations, since it was a difficult technical task to obtain a reliable instant heart rate. Only after Biosig Instruments has invented and patented a new Insta-Pulse heart rate monitor, which uses an EMG/ECG technology the field of Cardio Fitness has began. Insta-Pulse heart rate sensors are used by some exercise equipment manufactures on exercise machines. But the application of the heart rate monitor on exercise machines is limited to a main function, which is to determine a training zone. This is not enough, if a person wants to see the heart rate as a dynamic parameter, which is unique for every one of us.
Here we will find that the family of Insta-Pulse heart rate monitors can provide this feedback and are indispensable tools for a fitness monitoring.

Shape You's Review:

Fast and easy way to see what your heart rate is wherever you are, whatever you're doing.