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Blendtec Total blender


If you want the best flavor you can get in a blended drink, the answer is simple – use a Blendtec high-performance blender. When you use a high-performance blender you can literally taste the difference!

The perfect drink is enabled when the product being blended is fully-micronized. This provides a silky smooth texture that enables a taste explosion in your mouth that is consistent throughout the entire drink - from the first drop to the last. Blade design, jar design, motor power and computer controls work in concert to provide optimum results in record time.

Micronizing also increases the bio-availability of nutrients. This is particularly true with nuts and seeds. This allows for increased absorption of nutrients into the body, increasing the overall nutritional value of the food that you eat.

Shape You's Review:

Wow. Just when you thought you knew how to blend. Hard to find the words for this one. Just search for "Will it blend" on YouTube and you can see what we're talking about.