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Top Gear 09

No Bananas 460cc Driver

by Bob Burns Golf

With the new Bob Burns No Bananas 40cc Driver, you can say goodbye to all the hazards on the right side of the fairway! We guarantee that you will hit the 460cc Driver straighter, or your money back. Made of forged Beta Titanium, this driver features a 7 degree closed face (2 degrees more than our 430cc Driver), and a half-inch offset. Two adjustable weights are located in the heel and toe to customize the desired amount of draw or fade spin and enhance flight trajectory to achieve maximum distance and carry. The left handed version is still only offered in the 10.5 degree loft. No other offset driver on the market compares to the No Bananas driver.

Shape You's Review:

In our opinion, this was the best driver we tested. More of our judges hit the ball longer and straighter than with any other driver. What else do you really need to hear?