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Great Gear 09

Roll - In Putter

by Bob Burns Golf

With the Roll-In Putters, we present a line of putters with a contemporary design and a revolutionary technology. The technology embodied in these putters certainly its most advanced and elaborate elements is probably best illustrated by simply looking at a picture of the putter. With its 345 gram, computer milled, aluminum head and extended mallet shape, it features not only a T-shaped sightline, but a lightweight material that effectively transfers energy to the ball at a consistent rate. In its standard configuration, it lifts the ball very slightly at impact to create an immediate end-to-end roll, as well as the outstanding feel that is necessary to control your distance.

Most significantly, the Roll-In Putter features seven weight portals and adjustable screws of varying masses that you may use to customize your putting game. These adjustable weight screws serve four functions. They offer a basic three-point stability system, with a dense tungsten screw in both the heel and toe, and two back weights equidistant from the center line; the result is an enlarged sweet spot. The fully weighted clubhead maximizes the moment of inertia (MOI). But you may also adjust the weights of the clubhead o compensate for the speed of the greens that you are playing on. If you tend to push or pull your putts, you can also bias the weight towards the heel or the toe to correct your problem.

The special design of this putter, with its seven weight portals allows an accomplished player to move the center of gravity anywhere that they may want to. Having the center of gravity towards the back of the club reduces backspin as well as eliminates unwanted skidding.

Beyond the standard weight screws, there are other screws readily available from 2 to 10 grams each. Putting conditions are never the same, and you need a putter that can compensate for those changes. The Roll-In Putter was built to do just that.

Shape You's Review:

You guys were just showing off when you made this putter. With its ability to transform depending on the golfer and the green conditions, this is an elite putter. else do you really need to hear?