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Top Gear 08

Overbuilt Duffel

by Built NY Inc.

Our duffel is an extremely durable carry-all that handles everything - laundry, groceries, books and files, gadgets and even food. Made from an abrasion-resistant fabric used by coral reef divers, our all- purpose duffel can really take a beating. But don't worry, it's always one wash away from looking as good as new.

With a sturdy adjustable shoulder strap attached with our new custom hardware, the totes are also stylish - these are no ordinary bags for schlepping. The water- resistant material makes these totes perfect for the outdoors and sporting activities. And of course, they look great around town, too.

H 15.5" x W 22.5" x D 11"

Shape You's Review:

Way too versatile not to love this tote. You can carry a whole picnic, your workout gear, whatever. The best part about all these totes is that you can fill them to go on your excursions and then roll them up once they're empty for an easy trip home. Try doing that with your Super Friends lunch box.