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Top Gear 08


by Clinically Fit Inc

Professions such as dentistry, computer programming/data entry along with hobbies like; golf, tennis and video gaming as well as the constant use of blackberry’s all have one common thread; the required repetitive closing of the hands to the point where repetitive stress injuries occur at high frequency. The Xtensor was designed to counterbalance the effects of these actions by applying tension to the muscles that open the hands. This reverse motion is delivered providing a natural range of motion with adjustable tension and is universal to both hands for under $40.

Shape You's Review:

Perfect therapeutic workout for your hands. Not too hard but strong enough to stimulate the muscles. With all the new texting phones coming out, we believe everyone will have an Xtensor in the future. That might not actually happen but it's still an excellent product to strenghten your hands.