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Great Gear 08

Crazy Creek HexaLite™ LongBack Chair

by Crazy Creek

Wouldn't it be great to have a super-lightweight, portable and comfortable chair that provides cushioning from hard ground? A chair that offers exceptional back support for tired muscles? A chair you easily can take with you – whether you're hiking, on a picnic or just sitting around a campfire? The Crazy Creek HexaLite™ LongBack Chair weighs just over a pound, is incredibly compact and easy-to-carry with its included roll-up strap and carrying handle, adjusts to a wide range of reclining positions, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. $44.00

Shape You's Review:

Truly comfortable and so much easier than strapping a Lazyboy to your back. They also have one of our favorite slogans ever… Don't just do something, sit there. That's good stuff.