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C-Thru Grips Country Putter Grip (US Flag putter g

by C-Thru Grips

With C-Thru Grips® you can flaunt your style by choosing a team, a country or personalized logo for any club in your bag.
Our line of USGA-conforming grips features putter grips and full swing grips. C-Thru Grips has had 50 wins on the Professional Tours since 2002. Whether it’s Team sports, a personal photo or name, your company logo or country flag, C-Thru Grips has hundreds of label designs with eye-catching graphics to suit enthusiasts of every kind.

Shape You's Review:

Great way to inexpensively customize your clubs. Plus, people will think that you must own the team since you have your own customized clubs with their logo. Maybe they'll even bump up your tee time.