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Diet Power 4.4

by DietPower, Inc.

Diet Power 4.4 is Windows software that turns your PC into a weight-loss and nutrition coach. Completely science-based, the program guarantees reaching a goal weight on a target date by “learning” your metabolism and adjusting your calorie budget accordingly. It also recommends foods you like that will most improve your nutrition, tracks 33 nutrients in 11,000 foods, analyzes recipes, awards calories for 1000 kinds of exercise, delivers daily nutrition news—and more. Priced at $49.99, Diet Power comes with a one-year hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee. Free 15-day trial at www.dietpower.com.

Shape You's Review:

Best Nutritional program we've seen to date. We especially liked the fact that you could use this program with just about any diet out there. When you set your goal weight, the program lets you know how difficult or easy that will be to obtain, allowing you to adjust your goal to the intensity level you feel you can reach. That is sweet. Too many features to list here and the price is ridiculous at under $50. Get the 15 day free trial before they take our advice and raise the price.