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Great Gear 08


by Eternal Maternal

Nothing compares to being able to see the beauty of pregnancy from every angle. With the bellycaster™ Child can be captured for a lifetime. The bellycaster™ gauze, Eternal Maternal’s all-natural Belly Lube, a dropcloth, easy to follow directions and even mounting hardware for the finished cast, which can be decorated or left in its natural white state. The highest quality kit on the market, the bellycaster™ preserving the miracle of pregnancy.

Shape You's Review:

Though we often here the phrase "Get this kid out of me!", we also know how much most women really enjoy the actual time being pregnant. What a great way to make a realistic snap shot of that special time. Our couple that tested it for us said that it was really a lot of fun to make as well. Just to be clear, we didn't have 15 judges standing around watching while they made the cast. We just took their word for it.