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6 Quart Futuro Pressure Cooker


Fagor pressure cookers are great tools for preparing fast, easy and healthy meals in a fraction of the time (up to 70% less time). Pressure cooking retains vitamins and nutrients and utilizes less fat and oils, allowing you to maintain a low fat content, and increase the health benefits of your prepared meals. From appetizers, entrees to delicious desserts, the possibilities are endless. Fagor pressure cookers are constructed of the finest quality 18/10 Stainless Steel and feature a visual pressure indicator, and an automatic pressure release system. Each pressure cooker is complete with a userís manual, recipe book, and 10 year warranty.

Shape You's Review:

We're not a big fan of microwaves at ShapeYou. So pressure cooking is a fantastic way to cook your meals quickly if you remember it's your anniversary 8 minutes before your spouse gets home. The Futuro worked brilliantly and if you don't understand the benefits of pressure cooking you should give it a try.