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Top Gear 08


by Frieling USA, Inc.

The new Smellkiller™ Air Cleanser is the first highly effective environmentally safe air cleanser. It is safe to use near children or pets, because it uses no chemicals. The patented Smellkiller design is based on the discovery that a very special high-grade stainless steel alloy neutralizes odor-causing molecules. The workhorse of the Smellkiller line, the XL even removes odor from freshly painted rooms or those sprayed with insecticide. Effective in areas up to 430 square feet, it is available in two designs, with either a contemporary black rubber bowl or an elegant glass bowl in cobalt blue.

Shape You's Review:

Uhmm… We don't get it. This thing totally works..we just don't understand why. Works best if you use it within it's 430 square feet guidelines. But even in a larger room, we tested the SmellKiller XL by placing it right next to one of our other entries that had a "new product smell" that was exremely strong and wouldn't go away, and ithe SmellKiller knocked it right out. We're actually a little disturbed at how well it worked.