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First Need Trav-L-Pure® Portable Water Purifier

by General Ecology, Inc.

Compact, easy and efficient, Trav-L-Pure® Portable Water Purifier is ideal for world-travel, resorts, even the office to provide purified drinking water with a few simple pumps. No dangling hoses, backwashing or handling of contaminants is necessary. Independently tested to meet EPA Microbiological Purification Guidelines for removal of cysts, bacteria and virus without chemicals, hold time or double pumping. All General Ecology's water purification devices are ecologically safe and environmentally friendly, working without the use of electricity, added chemicals, or producing wastewater. Call 1-800-441-8166, email [email protected] or visit www.generalecology.com Made in USA.

Shape You's Review:

What a handy little filter. Now there is an option where we were so limited before. Our new favorite solution for those trips where you just know you're going to come across water that tastes like feet.