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G.R.I.P. CNC Milled Wedges

by Golf Research In Play

Unlike the craftsmanship behind traditional standard stainless steel wedges, G.R.I.P.ís CNC Milled Wedges are cast from 8620 mild carbon steel for proper spin and an exceptionally soft feel on contact. Each G.R.I.P. wedge has a distinctive milling on the clubface to give golfers the appropriate amount of spin retention and control for their shots for precision shot-making. Available in gap, sand/fairway and lob wedge models, the G.R.I.P. wedges feature a classic teardrop wedge shape, making it easier to address the ball, lineup shots and control the ball trajectory.

Shape You's Review:

Well, G.R.I.P. told us that the 8620 mild carbon steel really improved the control of the ball but one of our judges said that he thought someone had given him a remote control ball the first time he used the wedge. With a soft touch and an excellent spin, our accuracy rates went up dramatically. Great feeling wedge.