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G.R.I.P. Hyper Steel Hybrids

by Golf Research In Play

The G.R.I.P. Hyper Steel Hybrids offer golfers the distance of a fairway wood and the precision of an iron. Made from "Hyper Steel, a heat-treated, cast steel that is stronger than the steel found in most golf clubs, the G.R.I.P. hybrids produce a unique, solid "ting" sound as the ball explodes off the clubface. The G.R.I.P. hybrids feature the perfect amount of offset to give golfers additional forgiveness and accuracy. The clubs also utilize weighted screws in their heel and toe to address each individual's unique swing.

Shape You's Review:

One fo the more accurate clubs we've used in a long time. We did come across some other clubs that were just as nice and for the cost of one of those hybrids we could buy a whole set of the Hyper Steel Hybrids from G.R.I.P.