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G.R.I.P. Sweetness Putter

by Golf Research In Play

The G.R.I.P. Sweetness™ Putter features a “Dual Tension Rod” design, with a center aiming line between the rods to help visually align putts and produce a straight putting stroke. The front and back of the putter utilize reinforced weighting ports for even weight distribution and perfect balance. Sweetness features a double insert on its face — a soft, CNC-milled aluminum center surrounded by a soft polymer for producing a smooth, true roll. A double-bend, aluminum shaft helps set the putter at address and gives a slight offset for proper putt set-up.

Shape You's Review:

Our favorite part about the Sweetness Putter was the “Dual Tension Rod” feature. Not because of the great feel it provides, we’ve used plenty of putters with a great feel (Although, maybe not at this low price). What really amazed us was how the “Dual Tension Rods” provided a type of “turbo” visualization tool for lining up your shots. Most putters these days have a center aiming line on them, but with the tension rods extending back the full width of the putter on either side of the center aiming line, it seemed to accentuate our ability to line up the shot.