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Top Gear 08


by Golf Swing Products LLC

It's been said by the # 1 golf teacher in the World ( PGA 2007 Orlando Show, on Stage ) that the "TrueSwing" is the BEST VISUAL training Aid that has come along, in a very long time.?
Well, SEEING is believing. Now that the "TrueSwing" is here you will SEE why you are Slicing, Hooking or even hitting it straight. You will SEE whats wrong with others instantly when they use it, and help them correct their problem.?? If you don't know where your HANDS are, then you don't know where the Club Face is. What ever your "TrueSwing" is doing, Your Club Face is doing also, and Visa Versa. It's that Simple. - Jay Schwark, inventor?

Shape You's Review:

Surprisingly Impressed. Even our avid golfers could see how this device can really help you learn to properly line up your shot. Just be sure to watch the DVD that comes with it so you can fully understand the benefits. It looked a little weird to us until we watched the DVD that broke it all down.