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Great Gear 08

Green Friendly Golf Belt

by Green Friendly Golf Co.

Thanks to the stylish and functional Green Friendly Golf Belt, there will
soon be "smooth rolling greens for everyone."
The Green Friendly Belt's precision-engineered ball mark repair tool is
guaranteed to leave the green a healthier place. The purposely-designed
short forks do not penetrate below the green's root system and its short
handle encourages the proper use of the tool.
Magnetic ball marker fits securely on the underside of the belt tip, where
it is easily accessible.
It's easy to practice "Essential Etiquette" with the Green Friendly Belt
because the divot tool is always at your finger tips. Worn by over 25 Tour
Professionals the Green Friendly Golf Belt is fast becoming THE golf

Shape You's Review:

If Batman was a Golfer, this would be his belt. What a great idea. Our favorite part was that this functional belt actually looks good.