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Top Gear 08


by Heeling Sports Limited

Heelys is the original shoe with a single or double wheel in the heel that allows the wearer to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. The wheels are completely removable. After replacing the heel cavities with heel plugs, Heelys are like a normal pair of shoes. Our website: www.heelys.com has an instructional video that shows how to get started. We have found that this is the fastest and safest way for heelers to get rolling.

Shape You's Review:

A top winner in our skating category. Man, were these fun. We had a hard time getting any work done. If the pharmacuedical industry starts passing these out at retirement homes to increase hip replacement sales we'll be in big trouble. They just look so fun while you're watching someone use them, it's just too hard not to want to try them yourself. We're so glad these come in adult sizes so we can have fun too.