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Carabiner Tool - 1004BLX

by Kershaw Knives

Carabiner Tools features and functions:

• Four tools in one—built-in tools include a knife blade, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a secure carabineer clip.

• Carabineer closure—easily and securely attaches the tool to vest, backpack, camera case, belt loop, and more.

• Spring-loaded gate—holds tool securely closed until the user pulls back the gate, releasing the catch.
• High-carbon, stainless steel blade—high-quality steel holds the Kershaw “shaving sharp” edge longer, providing for extended use without re-sharpening.

• Partially serrated 3 1/4-inch blade—provides two cutting surfaces; a straight blade for general use and a serrated blade for tough jobs like cutting through rope or small branches.

• Locking liner—locks open blade in place so there is no danger of injury through accidental closure.

• Aircraft aluminum handles—offer durability and light weight making tool convenient to carry. Ergonomic handle shape ensures easy handling, too.

• Handsome finish—the brush-finished blade is complimented anodized aluminum handles.

Retail $59.95

Shape You's Review:

Perfect solution to keep you from having to search through your pack for your knife. Clipped to your belt or pack, it's always ready. Great idea.