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TheraBeads Back Wrap System Pack

by Mabis DMI Healthcare

TheraBeads® are used for moist heat therapy for the treatment of arthritis, minor muscle aches, pains and sprains. Moist heat means maximum effectiveness - doctors recommend moist heat for its deep penetrating qualities. TheraBeads are designed to conform to any part of the body, producing a soft and snug fit. TheraBeads require no soaking, boiling or electrical wires - simply microwave according to the instructions and apply to the affected area. Elastic wrap includes a pouch for included 5” x 12” moist heat pack. Adjusts from 38” – 55”.

Shape You's Review:

Amazing that you can feel such a moist, penetrating heat without adding any water. Just heat it and it's ready to go anywhere. With all the different shapes we found that you could really get a solid fit on any part of the body.