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by MagEyes, Inc.

The Answer to Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain!

Body-Rite™ is an effective ergonomic and preventive product that addresses the
problems associated with occupations and hobbies that require one to work for
a prolonged period of time with the hands extended in front of the body.
Body-Rite™ is a three pound counter-balance designed to aid in the
prevention of muscle strain in the neck, shoulders and back. The unit is made
with a one pound weight that comes off easily should you only need a two
pound counterbalance.
Special benefits are:
• Prevents Muscle Strain in the Neck, Shoulders and Arms
• User Proven Pain Relief • Promotes Good Posture
• Scientifically Tested and Proven • Comfortable, Adjustable Shoulder Straps
• One Size Fits All • All Parts Manufactured and Assembled in U.S.A.

“...This new product offers quick and prolonged relief of upper and lower back pain secondary to repetitive and postural muscle strain. Without reservation, I am delighted to recommend this product to my patients.”

Shape You's Review:

Without being too restrictive, it really does cause you to keep a better posture. Instead of restricting you into the correct posture (You can still move.), it is sort of just a gentle reminder.