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Great Gear 08

The Ground

by New Business Solutions Inc.

Donít throw your clubs on the grass Ė toss them on The Ground!

NBS is proud to unveil The Ground golf accessory. By laying clubs on the grass, you can lose one - The Ground keeps your clubs in sight and grips dry. Its patented hinged arm holds up to five clubs so you can easily locate them for your next shot. With over 40 different color combinations to choose from, The Ground was designed to fit and look like one of the clubs in your bag. Its patented high-style kickstand allows for easy insertion and removal from both your bag and the fairway. The Ground weighs 1.5 lbs and is 37" tall.

Shape You's Review:

Early morning or rainy day golfers won't want to be without this one. Perfect way to keep your club handles off the ground, especially while there is morning dew or fresh after a rain. When a golfer yells FOUR its always preferred that their ball had gone a stray and not because their wet club handle slipped out of their hands.