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Great Gear 08


by Polder, Inc.

Finally, a timer for everyday use. Polderís Digital Rotary Timer combines the feel and aesthetic of a traditional stopwatch with the functionality and convenience of todayís digital timers. Featuring a thick lanyard strap and 60-second alarm itís the perfect tool for any cook or coach. Take it to the track and use it as a stopwatch or bring it to the gym to be sure youíre getting that full 60-minute workout! Itís 100-minute capacity and large numerals make this timer a must-have. Just turn the dial to set the time, press start and youíre off!!

Shape You's Review:

Fun to operate. Though the lanyard may be intended for the gym, we actually found it to be perfect for the kitchen as well. Allowing you to leave the room or go outside and the timer lets you know when your quiche is done no matter where you are, so you don't get distracted by your neighbor raking leaves into your yard and come back in the kitchen to a hockey puck. Plus, it makes you look like the coach of the kitchen.