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Rockin' Baby Pouch

by Rockin' Baby Sling

The Rockin' Baby Sling and Rockin' Baby Pouch were made for the modern parent who wants to nurture their baby, but still be stylish and hands free. Both the sling and pouch can be worn in 5 different carrying positions to match you baby or toddler's mood and development up to 40 lbs. The sling is adjustable while it is on and has a tail with pockets that can be used to cover-up with while nursing. The pouch is adjustable before it is put on via hidden zippers to 4 sizes, and it is fully reversible. Both the sling and the pouch are safe, easy to use and good for both parent and baby.

Shape You's Review:

Both the Rockin' Baby Pouch and Sling were certainly the most fashionable of our submissions. If there are "Friday night baby carriers", these are the ones. Both easy to use and versatile in their positions. But our favorite feature was the style they both exuded.