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The ProGrid Paramount (women's)

by Saucony

Saucony has recently developed the perfect sneaker for the all-year runner. The ProGrid Paramount is an advanced technical lightweight running shoe that features an innovative lining called Comfortemp(r). This brilliant technology provides heat regulation to keep your feet at an optimal 82, even in the coldest weather. Combined with Saucony's signature technologies, the ProGrid Paramount is truly one of the best cushioned, most responsive rides on the market.

Shape You's Review:

Forrest Gump would say, "Those look like comfortable shoes." And they are. They feel like air and when you run, you can actually feel the breeze coming through the fabric. Many of our runners were fans of the ProGrid Paramounts already. One judge went so far to tell that if he's not running on Sauconys, he's not running.