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SiliconeZone Egg Poachers

by SiliconeZone

New York, NY –The new SiliconeZone Egg Poachers make perfect poached eggs every time you use them. The two flower shaped cups (4inches tall) are designed to float in a pot of boiling water – like lily pads. The flower petals are easy to pick up with tongs or fingers.

The poachers are sold in set of two: yellow and blue and are also used for making custards and frozen desserts. They stand securely without wobbling so they can also be used as egg or dessert cups.

The egg poachers by SiliconeZone are microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe so the uses are endless. The set of two egg poachers retails for $8.00.

For information contact SiliconeZone, the source for hundreds of silicone housewares products, at 212-997-9591, or visit www.siliconezoneusa.com.

Shape You's Review:

Try not to laugh at us but these simple egg poachers are seriously one of our favorite products this year. Knowing the benefits of cooking with silicone, this was the one device nobody seemed to be making. Thank you for hearing our cries.