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The Lemon/Lime Squeezer

by SiliconeZone

New York, NY – 2007 – SiliconeZone’s new Lemon and Lime Squeezer is a fun, new take on a Citrus Reamer. Like a traditional wood or stainless citrus reamer, this silicone tool lets you squeeze the heck out of a lemon or lime but this little tool also filters out seeds and pulp at the same time.

Since this yellow gadget is made of silicone, it rinses clean in the sink or dishwasher. The operation couldn’t be simpler. Cut a lemon or lime in half, place half in the squeezer and gently squeeze. For a family project or an old-fashioned lemonade sale, parents can cut the fruit and kids can squeeze. Good, simple fun. The tool is also useful at mealtime, letting individuals squeeze lemon on seafood, vegetables or other foods without squirting lemon juice all over the table or others.

This four-inch squeezer retails for $6. For information contact SiliconeZone, the source for hundreds of silicone housewares products, at 212-997-9591, silicione.zone@verizon.net or visit www.siliconezoneusa.com.

Shape You's Review:

We're a little upset we didn't think of this. SiliconeZone almost feels like the Toys R Us for the healthy chef.