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New Wave™ Muffin Pans

by SiliconeZone

New York, NY – SiliconeZone presents the New Wave™ muffin pan in four-color combinations. This silicone muffin pan is made from two different silicone layers of silicone, combined together to create a more rigid, sturdy bakeware.

“New Wave™ is the newest generation of commercial grade silicone bakeware with rigidity around the entire circumference of the baking vessels, explains Michael Karyo, CEO of SiliconeZone. “The muffin pans are made of 100 percent silicone. No other material is added to create the rigidity. This marriage of silicones creates a baking vessel that doesn’t wobble or wiggle like the first generation of silicone bakeware and yet retains the inherent flexibility of silicone that makes the release of foods easy.” The muffin pan retails for about $20. For more information, contact SiliconeZone, the source for hundreds of silicone housewares products, at 212-997-9591, [email protected] or visit www.siliconezoneusa.com

Shape You's Review:

Best silicone muffin pan we've seen. Most of them are a little flimsy and you have to place them on a cookie sheet to keep them from smashing your muffins. This product is sturdy enough to use on its own.