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by SiliconeZone

New York, NY –SiliconeZone present PictoBoards, flexible cutting boards made of plastic and silicone and illustrated with icons for easy identification. The boards’ feature large pictographs designed to help remind cooks and their families which cutting board to use for each food group presenting cross contamination of bacteria and tastes. The green carrot board is for vegetables, the red cow board for meats, the yellow chicken board for poultry and the blue fish board for seafood.

The 17-inch x 12-inch boards are made with heavy grade Polypropylene and a layer of non-skid silicone on the bottom. The boards should be washed with soap and water. The PictoBoards are sold with four boards in a set and the set retails for $12.

For information contact SiliconeZone, the source for hundreds of silicone housewares products, at 212-997-9591, [email protected] or visit www.siliconezoneusa.com

Shape You's Review:

One of our favoirte kitchen ideas. Allows you to quickly know which cutting board to grab to eliminate cross contamination. We also thought they were very easy to clean and store and won't smash your foot when you drop it like most cutting boards.