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Slackline Express Intro 30 Slackline Kit

by Slackline Express

Slacklining is a dynamic balance sport that puts a new twist into tight rope walking. It's tons of fun and great for working on balance, coordination and body positioning - which directly helps with cross training for other sports.

Our Intro 30 Slackline Kit is capable of setting a slackline from ten to thirty feet long and is perfect for learning the basics in the backyard or the park. This system includes everything you need to set up the slackline, including detailed instructions.

Learn more at www.slacklineexpress.com

Shape You's Review:

These slacklines are very addictive fun. If you just try it once and fall off you might be able to stop there. But once we started to get good at it, we could have played on them all day. They were also a great way to work muscles that some of us had forgotten we had. Su perFun product that we think will really catch on.