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Elasto-Gel Therapy Wrap

by Southwest Technologies, Inc.

Southwest Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of Elasto-Gel therapy products. Our line consists of over 40 differenct shapes and sizes so we can best fit each person's special need. Elasto-Gel products may be used for either hot or cold therapy and will not leak if punctured. When heated, products provide moist therapuetic heat and when used cold, products provide soothing cold without causing trauma to the skin or nerves. In addition, when used cold, the products remain soft and flexible even at -20 degrees F. The products will not dry out, become hard or change form and are re-usable. The products have the ability to conform to all contoured areas and move with patient movement. Visit our website: www.elastogel.com or call us at: 800-247-9951.

Shape You's Review:

We were very pleased with how these wraps still had a nice soft feel even when cold. Very comfortable to use hot or cold.